Mary Carroll (MC) Santorelli

Case Manager

    800-365-1234 x8700

MC is often the first person you speak with when contacting our firm’s Personal Injury and Litigation Departments. She is an effective communicator and serves as a liaison between our clients, experts, vendors and opposing counsel. She is results driven and knows precisely where to go for any necessary information.

Litigation, particularly complex or catastrophic, often generates a significant volume of documents and data. MC breaks down the mountains of information lurking in the background of any legal battle. She demonstrates the ability to filter the important trees from the forest, ensuring efficiency and organization when it comes to handling cases and other business.

Not many firms can boast an in-house comedian, let alone one with professional improv experience. As Tina Fey points out, it pays to have the qualities of an improvisationist: Respect, Create, Contribute and Adapt. With no script prior to taking a case, MC’s attitude is to say yes from the start and entertain strategy that would ordinarily get axed under a “we can’t do that” atmosphere. She also swears this glamorous celebrity status won’t get in the way of working with the rest of us.