Christina A. Vergara


    800-365-1234 x8300

We’d warn you not to let Christina’s sweet charm fool you, but it will anyway. We’d also give you a heads up not to let her size fool you. Standing just over five feet tall, Christina leads our support team in a big way. Every matter referred to our office is screened to ensure our team of lawyers have what they need to obtain money for our clients. The initial review step is critical so that our clients’ recoveries are not delayed. We understand that speed matters. Christina, and our support team, provide enhanced level of services at no cost to our clients. The work product Christina and our support team provide yields an extra level of detail allowing our clients’ matters to move forward quicker than they may otherwise. We also understand that our clients want and deserve to know the status of their matters or have questions concerning the process. Christina provides a continual connection that clients love and that insurance companies fear. And yet, she’d still prefer to tell you how adorable her cat is. It’s always good to know where the soft spot is when you’re dealing with a seriously smart person.