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Life is precious. And it cannot be argued that much of life’s preciousness comes from how fleeting it is. At the very least, we want the ability to say goodbye to our loved ones when the time comes — but all too often, those we want most are taken from us too soon.

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The tragic death of a loved one is something no amount of money can truly heal. However, the wrongful death and catastrophic injury lawyers at Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers want you to know that in the wake of disaster, legal action against those responsible for a loved one’s death is an option in every state. In cases such as these, whether you live in Hunterdon County, NJ, Monmouth County, NJ, or New York, we can help you seek compensation for your pain, suffering, loss of income, and other consequences of a wrongful death.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is defined as that which occurs due to another person or party’s negligence or misconduct. It may occur due to:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Auto accident
  • Airplane accident
  • Murder or other criminal behavior
  • Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or materials

In order to bring a successful wrongful death case against a third party, the complainant must prove that the death occurred due to another’s negligence or malicious intent, and that there are surviving members who suffer monetary injury as a result of the loss of life. Pecuniary injury refers to said financial damages. Seeking compensation for pecuniary injury is no small matter: The court must take into account factors such as the deceased’s life expectancy, health, earning capacity, age, character, and their surviving family’s current circumstances. Building a case to prove the extent of pecuniary injuries requires gathering detailed documentation as well as testimony from all involved in the wrongful death incident; sometimes, expert witness testimony is required, as well.

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It is comforting to be surrounded by people who care about you and want to help when you’ve lost a loved one. At Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers, we have a team of lawyers who will be there to help you move forward in these trying times, experienced in everything from cases involving car accidents to those involving medical malpractice and other causes of wrongful death.

The loss of someone you care about is never easy, but when your loved one’s death was the result of another person’s negligence or misconduct, the situation becomes even more complex. At our wrongful death law firm, every lawyer on our team understands that you have questions you want answered, and you can rest assured they have the knowledge to answer those questions, and guide you through your case. Our New Jersey and New York wrongful death lawyers will be more than your legal system of support. Our wrongful death law firm serves as a one-stop legal resource for families. If your loved one was killed in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, get the help from our New Jersey and New York wrongful death attorneys and get justice for your family.

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