If you are unable to work due to disabilities and/or injuries, physical or mental, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration pays cash benefits to people who are unable to work for a year of more.

Unfortunately, you’re not guaranteed to receive New York or New Jersey Social Security benefits. Social Security Disability is a legal decision. The interpretation of that information by Social Security regulations is how a judge determines whether you are disabled. Other factors also contribute to this decision: age, education, work experience, compliance with medical treatment, and the extent of the medical treatment.

There are two types of programs that provide disability benefits. The first is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which bases benefits on prior work. The second is Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which bases benefits on financial need – you can be eligible even if you have never worked or paid taxes under FICA.

You must file your Social Security Disability claim before a certain time. Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Attorneys, can help you determine how much time you have left and help you file your claim. By law, anyone can file for Social Security Disability benefits; however, statistics show that claimants who have legal representation win their benefits much more often than those who apply on their own.

  • Are you working?
  • If your condition severe?
  • If you condition present in the list of disabling impairments?
  • Can you do the work you did previously?
  • Can you do any other type of work?

Talk about your options and how to proceed with collecting cash benefits with an experienced New York and New Jersey disability lawyer from our firm. Call Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers toll free at 1-877-281-6712.

A qualified Shaw Kreizer disability lawyer has the knowledge of Social Security administrative law and is skilled in the ability to obtain the most relevant case evidence, analyze it correctly, and incorporate it as part of a winning strategy for a claim.

Some claimants, particularly those who are unable to advocate for themselves due to their medical, psychological, or mental conditions, should consider getting a lawyer involved as early in their case as possible. An experienced Shaw Kreizer disability lawyer can take over much of the filing and information-gathering that must be done to prove your disability, interfacing with physicians’ offices and the social security administration as necessary. And, should you be required to file a request for reconsideration, your attorney will make sure that all deadlines associated with the appeal are met.

In New York and New Jersey, the minute the social security administration is informed that a Shaw Kreizer disability lawyer is representing you, your lawyer will automatically receive copies of all notices from social security regarding your claim, which means that you will be notified of all developments in your case.

If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) or SSI in New York or New Jersey, like all other states in the nation, the odds of being approved for benefits at the initial application level are slim. Nationally, approximately 70 percent of all disability applicants are denied, and about 85% of first appeals (also called requests for reconsideration) to disability determination services are denied as well.

The good news is that, when represented by a Shaw Kreizer disability attorney, applicants stand their best chance of winning disability benefits at social security disability hearings.

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