Slip and Fall Accidents

A serious slip and fall is no joke when it happens to you or a family member. Falls are one of the leading causes of serious injury in the United States, with tens of billions of dollars of medical care going to treat injuries, including broken bones, brain and head injuries, and spinal injuries, among others. If you have experienced a slip and fall on another person’s property – or any other injury due to dangerous conditions on the property, such as a burn, inhalation of toxic fumes, or even a violent assault – you may be able to win significant recovery for your injuries against the property owner through filing a personal injury lawsuit.

At SK Law, we aggressively fight for maximum recovery for victims across New Jersey and New York City who have suffered premise liability injuries through slip and falls and other accidents, including a $400,000 settlement for a client injured while exiting a New Jersey train, and a $257,000 judgment for a client who slipped in a retail store.

When a Landowner is at Fault for Your Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases and other lawsuits involving injuries on another’s property are based on the legal concept of premise liability, which says that a landowner has a legal obligation to make his property safe from dangerous artificial and natural conditions for the benefit of guests, customers, and other visitors.

If you suffer injury from a slip and fall or other dangerous condition on another’s property, a court will look at whether the landowner acted reasonably in monitoring the property for unsafe conditions, and then taking the appropriate action to either remedy the condition (e.g. clean up a spill) or warn visitors (e.g. put up an appropriate barrier around the dangerous area).

Landowners will often try to argue that, even where a visitor was injured, that it did act reasonably under the circumstances and/or that you the victim were at fault. When you contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible after an accident, we can immediately take aggressive action to assess the accident and collect physical, medical, and eyewitness evidence in your favor to make your best case for recovery.

Recovery in Your New York / New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawsuit

As your attorney, we will rely on our vast experience in winning large settlements and judgments to pursue all necessary legal strategies to negotiate and/or litigate for full recovery for all your damages, including:

  • All medical bills that you have incurred, as well as medical costs that you will incur in the future for injuries and aggravations of previous conditions
  • All lost wages that you have and will suffer as a result of your accident, including reduced ability to earn income in the future
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering you will experience over your lifetime due to your accident

The sooner you contact us at SK Law, the sooner we can begin building your strongest case for full recovery without delay.

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If you have experienced injury from a fall or other dangerous condition on another’s property, the experienced personal injury attorneys at SK Law – with offices in New York and New Jersey – are here to help. We have won millions in compensation for our clients, and we are here to stand by your side as your allies and champions in winning the recovery you deserve from all potential defendants. Our attorneys have built up a strong reputation for providing compassionate legal counsel to those who have suffered serious injury while aggressively and quickly taking all necessary legal action to recover for our clients to get their lives back to normal by winning compensation for all costs, losses, and pain and suffering. Contact us today to speak to a personal injury attorney about your premise liability accident.