Understanding many of our clients require strong representation across the Tri-State region, many of Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers are licensed in both New Jersey and New York allowing Our Team to file arbitration on both sides of the Hudson.

To a great extent, New York no-fault law is very similar to New Jersey’s, but with one exception: New York has a 6 year statute of limitations, whereas New Jersey’s is only 2 years.

New York no-fault arbitration is a highly effective remedy for medical providers. In some cases New York and New Jersey may each have a recoverable interest in the same treatment, residence, insurer, or accident and for this reason Shaw Kreizer is more than prepared to advise you of the proper venue for your claim and the basis for your recovery amount.

In New York, PIP arbitration claims are administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). The New York State Department of Financial Services has provided consumers and insurance carriers with the opportunity for the conciliation or arbitration of disputed claims in certain automobile insurance programs. In partnership with the New York State Department of Financial Services, the American Arbitration Association (AAA) has administered the arbitration of such disputed claims on the Department’s behalf. The programs in which the arbitration of disputed claims has been administered by the AAA include No-Fault insurance, uninsured motorist (UM) insurance and supplemental underinsured motorist (SUM) insurance. In late 1999, at the request of the Department of Financial Services, the AAA also undertook the conciliation function in No-Fault insurance cases.

On New York claims we can litigate rather than arbitrate when appropriate and will do so under a reasonable contingency agreement whereby you pay nothing unless we are successful. And just like New Jersey, we pay all the filing fees. It is important in NY PIP Arbitration of No-Fault benefits that all your evidence, including any document supporting your contention, such as medical bills, police report, and affidavits be submitted with your arbitration request.

A benefit of NY No-Fault process over NJ is end-game timing. Upon filing a Demand for Arbitration (also known as Form AR1) for PIP benefits, an initial review period takes place within the first 3 days with a Conciliation Period over at 60 days. In the event that matter has not resolved by way of settlement, the matter is scheduled for hearing and awarded within 180 days. Therefore, the Roadmap of New York No-Fault Arbitration shows how cases proceed rather quickly under AAA administration, from beginning to end, when using the AAA’s No-Fault Rules. Our involvement can positively influence the arbitration process in terms of time.

If you wish to arbitrate your claim, we will file the AR1 and all applicable sections of this form on your behalf. Upon receipt of this request, the American Arbitration Association will attempt to resolve the dispute by conciliation pursuant to Insurance Department Regulation 11NYCRR 65-4.2 (b) (2) (iii). If the dispute cannot be resolved by conciliation, your case will be forwarded for arbitration. In the aggressive pursuit of PIP reimbursements rightfully owed to you, we submit all supporting documentation, along with a table of contents and exhibits. The Respondent insurance carrier may provide any defense and we will make our appearance at any oral hearing required. When the arbitrator declares the hearing closed, nothing more can be submitted for the case. The Arbitrator has 30 days from the closing date to render and send in the award. We will continue to pursue the matter until payment is made under the Award or settlement.

For additional information please visit the AAA website at: www.adr.org, and click on “New York No-Fault” in the right hand column. For further resources, forms, documents, rules, p0rocedures and frequently asked questions, please see https://nysinsurance.adr.org/public/NoFault.jsp.

If you are in need of assistance with a PIP claim, documentation, filing a demand for arbitration, you should talk to an experienced New York PIP No-Fault insurance lawyer from our firm, and find out how we can help increase your reimbursements. Call Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers toll free at 1-877-281-6712 or contact us via e-mail for a free consultation at either judd@shawkreizer.com or david@shawkreizer.com.