New York and New Jersey residents are surrounded by bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean, numerous lakes and rivers in between. So it’s no wonder that on weekends, sailboats, motorboats, fishing boats, jet skis, kayaks and other watercraft crowd these waters. It’s no different in New York, with plenty of coastline, people are constantly using the Tri-State’s waterways for boating and fishing. Unfortunately, more people on the water typically means more boating accidents.

Hundreds of people in New Jersey and New York are injured or killed in boating accidents each year.

Along with the thrill of sun, water, and wind at your back, however, lurk the dangers posed by negligent or reckless watercraft operators. A poorly maintained or malfunctioning boat or an inexperienced or inattentive operator can cause catastrophic injuries and elevate the risk of drowning for boaters and swimmers.

Spinal cord and back injuries, brain damage and other catastrophic consequences of boating accidents can change victims’ lives forever and impose a substantial emotional and financial burden on families. Watercraft accident victims face significant medical expenses and rehabilitation costs and many are never able to work again.

New Jersey Boating Accident Lawyers know the rules where the road ends

At Shaw Kreizer Trial & Injury Lawyers, we have boat accident attorneys who can help you if you were injured in a boating accident that wasn’t your fault. We protect the rights of injury victims and we want to protect your rights too. Our NJ & NY personal injury law firm will holding negligent parties responsible for their actions in boating and watercraft accidents. Our Team boasts lawyers who hold actual state boating licenses and are certified with the Marine Service Bureau, Division of New Jersey State Police.

Some Common Causes of Boating/Watercraft Accidents

Unlike on public streets and highways, bodies of water do not have clearly marked traffic lanes or signals and signs that can help boaters avoid collisions and potential safety hazards. So it is the responsibility of watercraft owners, operators and passengers to be well-informed and to exercise good judgment to keep themselves safe on the water.

Some of the most common causes of watercraft accidents include:

  • Operator inexperience
  • Operator inattention
  • Reckless operation
  • Speeding
  • Weather and water conditions
  • Unsafe behavior of passengers
  • Equipment failure
  • Congested waterways
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Lack of certification or proper training
  • Marina accidents
  • Hi-Low accidents
  • Failure to maintain slip

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys and New York Personal Injury Attorneys Here for You

We are fortunate to live and practice along the Atlantic coast where, like many residents, our attorneys and staff enjoy boating and watersports. So we feel we have a vested interest in helping victims and their families who have been involved in serious boating accidents. Our Lawyers are skilled at investigating and litigating personal injury cases.

If you were injured by the propeller of a boat, were struck by a boat while using a recreational watercraft, or were on a boat that capsized or collided with another vessel, injured at a marina, hurt while traveling on a boat, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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It is essential that the victim or his or her family take prompt measures to preserve evidence, investigate the loss and have physicians or other expert witnesses evaluate the injuries and losses. If you have been a victim of a boating or watercraft accident, do not hesitate to call our Personal Injury Attorneys. Our Team of Lawyers are skilled and experienced in accident cases. Call our Law Firm to assess your situation and determine the best methods for you to obtain any compensation for your damages.

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