Robert K. Gibson


    800-365-1234 x8200

The Most Interesting Man in the World can speak Russian … in French. Rob can speak neither. But Robert (or Rob as we affectionately call him) is ridiculously accomplished in the world of No-Fault arbitration. As Partner and Managing Lawyer to the PIP arbitration team, Rob serves on the firm’s Executive Committee.

Known to be solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented, Rob is a consummate professional with a proven track record. Apart from his strong credibility within the arbitration arena, Rob is as good as a listener as he is a communicator. He is well-versed in PIP and insurance matters and is often contacted by clients for advice concerning their practice.

While History is ranked as one of the top 10 worst college majors, it’s a good thing Rob double majored in journalism at NYU. It’s also a good thing Rob has been with the firm since it first opened – otherwise, we wouldn’t be the same. Even though Twitter doesn’t follow him, we think Rob is super … and so do his clients.