Are you dedicated, creative, passionate, detail focused, adaptable, interesting and fun? These are the primary characteristics of the SK teammate.

If you can create cool shadow animals with your hands, moonwalk, peel an egg with one hand, memorize the fee schedule or can create closing arguments in your sleep, that will get you an interview. We’re always looking for talent – so feel free to inquire with our firm, even if we’re not not actively posting openings. We’re always open to hire unique lawyers and support staff with experience in PIP No-Fault arbitration and/or litigation. We promise our interview will be entertaining – we also promise it will remain confidential! We do not disclose applicants so fear not by inquiring to Judd at

Every organization has a culture unique to that organization – for Shaw Kreizer (SK), our Team is the secret sauce that makes us better. We hire people who are smart, determined and who care about the kind of company they work for. Our culture determines how our clients feel about us, how each of our employees feel about their work and how the team feels about each other. We strive for a culture of excellence, competence and respect as well as one that recognizes achievement.

SK’s culture thrives because of its dedication towards:

  1. Producing a first rate learning experience.
  2. Providing a purpose higher than a paycheck, but rewards accomplishment.
  3. An early opportunity to play a significant role on a successful team.

Through a concerted team effort, we’ve been able to solve our clients’ issues. In remaining among the best, we recognize that our field is increasingly mobile. At SK, we created a platform where employees can access our information, securely, wherever they are, whenever they need it. We’re pioneering new technologies and accessibility with cloud and mobile based services. We’re hopeful that our team pushes us for greater innovation, harnesses their creativity and teaches us new ways to benefit each other and our clients and through all of that, build revenue.

Remember, our firm is a business. Our clients are our customers. Our firm has grown by word of mouth, from one client to another, sharing their direct positive experience about our firm and our success and the way they feel about trusting us with their money and matters.

Our work is challenging and the challenge is exciting. Great things happen and great success achieved with a culture. We hope you join us and feel invested and proud about your accomplishments and where your passion is reflected in your work, life and play.